Engage_Product_Deck_Aviation Week

Market research + expert intelligence around an industry issue.

Develop thought leadership and drive leads with this market-facing
research report. Comprehensive market research is coupled with analysis
from a subject-matter expert around an industry hot-button issue. The
resulting 25-30 page report dives deep into the heart of the topic to help
readers understand the forces at play and gain intelligent insights for
smart decision-making.


  • 20-question, editorially-driven survey, includes 2 custom questions
  • 200+ respondents from target audience
  • Market-facing research report with expert analysis (25-30 pages)
  • Turnkey, multi-channel marketing campaign (email, newsletter, site & social)
  • Dedicated landing page featuring report + 3 customer assets to capture leads
  • 200-300 leads, delivered over 3 months
  • Full respondent data tables provided
  • Exclusive sponsorship + unlimited data usage rights