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Global Reach —
1.7 Million A&D Professionals
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Influencing More
Global Reach — 
1.7 Million
A&D Professionals

Winner of the 2017 Grand Neal Award
& 2017 Neal Award for Best Media Brand!

The Aviation Week Network is the largest multimedia information and services provider for the global aviation, aerospace & defense industries. Over 1.7 million A&D professionals across the globe engage with our powerful brands for analysis, marketing and intelligence. Customers include the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, business aviation operators, militaries, governments and key organizations that serve this global market.

Our Audience

Tell us who you want to reach, and we’ll tap into our powerful brands to show you how.

Commercial Air Transport
C-Level Airline Executive

Over 1 K
Just with Air Transport World

MRO Community
Commercial Airline & Cargo Oprs

Over 13 K
Just with Inside MRO

Defense Professionals
Key Influencers & Opinion Leaders

Over 1 K
Just with Aviation Week & Space Technology

Business Aviation/Chief Pilots
Aviation Dept Mgrs/Dir of Flight Ops

Over 10 K
Just with Business & Commercial Aviation

Global Aerospace &
Defense Professionals

Over 0 Mil
Page views & over 605K unique viewers

This is just a small taste of our audience & offerings.  From our print and digital channels, which include our intelligence, fleet & data solutions, to our global events and marketing services opportunities, we have the ability to deliver the insight, connections and opportunities to help you succeed.

Marketing Services —  Reach MORE buyers with MORE impact

Reach more than 60,000 buyers through our multiple channels. Utilize our channels, including our marketing services opportunities to reach your target market, generate leads and make an impact.

What do we deliver?

  • Industry-leading A&D database across all markets, titles, job functions and geographic locations

  • Lead generation and lead nurturing programs that include content marketing, content syndication, webinars, audience extension, 3-touch email programs and more

  • Integrated print/digital programs for streamlined, efficient media buys

  • Research and analysis offerings that deliver the information you need to make confident decisions

Source - Publishers Own Data: October 2019


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