Video marketing embedded in the heart of editorial content.

Staying top of mind with your target audience means engaging them across multiple channels. Advertising in Informa’s well-read brand newsletters places your message alongside valuable industry news, columns, best practices and more. Daily, weekly or monthly – your brand directly in the inboxes of professionals.


  • Optimal user experience
    ̶ Plays when visible on user’s screen, pauses when user can’t see it onscreen; resumes when in view again
    ̶ Audio starts on user initiated click
  • Premium environment for short 30-60 second videos – below the fold between two paragraphs for more focused, attentive viewer engagement
  • Guaranteed viewability – only plays when more than 50% in view on user’s screen


  • First quartile
  • Midpoint
  • Third quartile
  • Completes
  • Complete rate %
  • Clicks
  • Click rate %