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What makes a 20 Twenty?

Aviation Week Network honors 20 students in their Twenties each year currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM). The 20 Twenties program was established by Aviation Week Network in 2013 to recognize talented individuals who are on course to change the face of the aerospace and defense industry. Criteria is based on academic performance, public/community involvement and how they communicate the value of your individual research/design project.

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Nominations now open! Deadline to nominate by April 29, 2022.

Be Recognized

The 20 students chosen for the 2021 awards were selected and announced in July 2021. They were honored at the 20 Twenties Luncheon and at Aviation Week Network’s annual Laureate Awards and Banquet in conjunction with the DefenceChain Conference on October 18, 2021 in Tysons Corner, Virginia. In addition, all winners have been highlighted in Aviation Week & Space Technology, and will receive a free digital subscription to the magazine.

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The Top 20

Universities around the world nominate their top students who are working to solve challenges within the industry.

Now in its 8th year, the prestigious awards program received a total of 553 nominations from exceptional students worldwide earning university STEM degrees and awarded 160 of them as 20 Twenties winners.

A total of 136 different colleges and universities around the world have participated in the program since 2013 by nominating students on the basis of their academic performance, broader civic contribution, and the value of their research or design project.

Most importantly, the program brings together technology hiring managers, students, and faculty worldwide to recognize what’s needed for business and academic growth and success. The students begin building a network comprised of the technical experts who have built the industry, the universities gain visibility for high-quality education provided to the students, and hiring managers gain knowledge about the best of the best in the next generation of aerospace talent.

The 2021 nomination program brought in a total of 61 total qualified nominations from 26 different universities representing five countries. Five new nominator schools participated in the program this year. 

The schools representing the 2020s class of 2021 include:

A focus on women in aerospace

In an industry still heavily dominated by men, the 2021 nomination pool was roughly an equal split with half of the nominees identifying as male (31), and half identifying as female (29).

According to Aviation Week Network’s editor Lindsay Bjerregaard, “Many of this year’s winners expressed passion for closing the gender gap in STEM and making education more accessible. Some have spent countless hours on outreach efforts to draw more women to aviation and aerospace. Others have focused on increasing racial and economic diversity within STEM, both through involvement in campus organizations and work in their communities.”

Nominations now open! Deadline to nominate by April 29, 2022.

20 Twenties Class of 2021

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    B.S. Aerospace Engineering | Class of 2021 | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Williams’ research into the science behind hypersonic vehicle reentry led to her becoming the first recipient of the Scott R. White Aerospace Engineering Visionary Scholarship. As an intern at GE Aviation, her work helped to expedite development of GEnx-1B engines, and as an intern at Boeing, she contributed to digital and array electronic product design for the Boeing Satellite Development Center.

    Williams is president of the Women in Aerospace (WIA) student organization on her campus, and she created a WIA development committee to improve retention of women in aerospace engineering through outreach efforts. She has developed several courses at the university, including a new engineering course to introduce students to satellite development research opportunities on campus. Williams is lead tutor at the Center for Academic Resources in Engineering, and she mentors students through the Illinois Leadership Center.

  • Caroline Kren
    Caroline Kren Purdue University

    Graduate Student, Aeronautics and Astronautics | Class of 2022 | Purdue University | B.S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering | Class of 2020 | Purdue University

    Kren is working to increase diversity in STEM through leadership in several initiatives and organizations at Purdue University. As president and outreach chair of Purdue’s Women in Aerospace organization, Kren increased undergraduate member involvement by 15% and co-founded a student organization to increase women in STEM through cross-departmental collaboration. She served as outreach board assistant for the Society of Women Engineers and ambassador for the Aerospace Graduate Women’s Gathering.

    As a graduate research assistant at Purdue’s Zucrow Laboratories, Kren is helping to test propulsion devices for aerospace companies. She co-led the test campaign for an engine cycle heat exchanger, and she is supporting a nuclear-thermal exhaust device test campaign. Kren has completed two co-op rotations at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and interned at Blue Origin and GE Aviation.

  • Swati Ravi
    Swati Ravi Columbia University

    Undergraduate Student, Physics | Class of 2022 | Columbia University

    As project co-lead for the NASA-funded Characterizing Antibiotic Resistance in Microgravity Environments (CARMEn) experiment, Ravi’s research will serve as a foundation for future aerospace biomedical technologies. The experiment is slated to fly on SpaceX 24 to study how the growth and antibiotic resistance of pathogenic microorganisms in space are influenced by interactions with each other and the microgravity environment. Ravi is overseeing a team of 25 students, managing the project’s NASA grant and communicating with NASA and Nanoracks for safety reviews.

    Ravi also is co-president of the Columbia Space Initiative, where she has developed virtual aerospace lesson plans and lecture series for K-12 students during the pandemic. Before the transition to virtual learning, she organized two full-day aerospace workshops for middle school students. She teaches weekly math classes to K-12 students and has developed an astronomy curriculum for several local Girl Scout troops.

Hear from our Class of 2021 Winners.

  • "In both the Luncheon and Dinner, I built numerous professional relationships that I hope to sustain and grow over the rest of my career. Celebrating exceptional technological leaps and incredible individual contributions across all industry sectors was an amazing experience. I was honored and delighted to take part in the 20 Twenties events, and am very grateful for the support of Aviation Week and event sponsors."

    Zachary Marshall
    Zachary Marshall
  • "Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of being a 20 Twenty! I can confidently say that the networking opportunities allowed me to build connections that have helped me immensely as I start my career. For that I would like to say thank you. Also, I found the experience to be highly motivating too. It was incredible to see the amazing projects my fellow 20 Twenties are working on and the projects occurring within industry. Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of this amazing program."

    Logan Hill
    Logan Hill
  • “It was a rare opportunity to be surrounded by so many game changers in the industry who are contributing to developments in aerospace I had only previously read about and aspired to do someday. Interacting with them and hearing their stories has only reaffirmed my love for aerospace and my drive to carry on their work in the future.​"

    Shreyasvi Gowda
    Shreyasvi Gowda
  • "The 20 Twenties award will hold immense value in my young career as an engineer. It encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams and demonstrated that I was truly making an impact on others. The award also helped me connect with future aerospace leaders and current aerospace leaders to not only advance my own development, but also create partnerships and friendships. The 20 Twenties Award Luncheon and Dinner by Aviation Week Network was an incredible experience that I will cherish at the beginning of my budding career!​"

    Ryan Udell
    Ryan Udell
  • "The 20 Twenties Luncheon and Laureates Awards Dinner was a very worthwhile experience that gave me the opportunity to meet and network with not only current aerospace industry leaders, but also with other 20 Twenties award winners."

    Emily Williams
    Emily Williams

Nominations now open! Deadline to nominate by April 29, 2022.


Premier Sponsor:

The 20 Twenties program reflects the best within the next generation of talent entering the aerospace and defense industries. As a global leader in advanced composites technology, Hexcel applauds these awardees for their outstanding academic accomplishments, and we are inspired by their passion. We look forward to working with them as together, we usher in a new era of cutting-edge advancements in aeronautics. I thank Aviation Week for the opportunity for us to meet these honorees and to participate in encouraging them as they reach for new heights.

Colleen Pritchard, Hexcel

Premier Sponsor:


As a sponsor and attendee for the 20 Twenties program, it was an excellent engagement with some of the brightest minds in aerospace and defense.  Even more than the energy and vision they provide for our industry, the inspiring message and enthusiasm they bring to our talent pipeline is much needed as we compete with others sectors. Looking forward to the next cohort in 2022.

Scott Drach, Boeing



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